Newborn lifestyle photography is a safe, baby led approach to photography

When you usually think of newborn photography I'm sure like me the first thing that comes to mind is photos of babies put into props such as baskets or plant pots along with some poses which don't look particularly comfortable. Often with these sessions you are encouraged to overfeed your newborn so they remain sleepy throughout the session. So in the end they can last a lot longer than you expect.

A traditional newborn photo session often involves the hassle of going to a studio which I'm sure as new parents is something you might want to avoid.

What makes lifestyle newborn photography different?

Lifestyle newborn photography is at it's heart baby led. By this I mean there are no uncomfortable posing and there is no putting your newborn in positions that could be unsafe. Instead the sessions are as comfortable and relaxed as they possibly can be.

All the posing I do is safe and natural for your new baby and I'll never ask you to overfeed. Especially as the last thing I want to do is mess up your routine. These sessions take place in the comfort of your own home too. So no having to worry about getting everyone ready to go out.

What can I expect from a newborn lifestyle session?

The focus of a newborn lifestyle session is connection. It is to show the love and connection between you and your new addition to the family. The session will involve a range of poses taking place in a comfortable location in your home. I'd highly recommend the master bedroom for this but any room with good light and a large comfortable surface can be used.

They'll be a range of poses throughout your session including.

Photos of you all together as a family.

All of these poses are simple and straightforward. What makes them special is the additional steps I take to help you to feel at ease and show the love and connection between you all.

A range of poses with your newborn and their older siblings.

Here I'll encourage the older siblings to interact with your newborn. We can often get some fun images here. Which of course are designed to be safe for everyone involved.

Photos of mum and your newborn.

These are often some of my favourite parts of the session. As they really highlight the love and connection shown in newborn lifestyle photography.

There is no holding your newborn in potentially unsafe positions instead the poses are designed to be as comfortable and as natural as possible.

Poses with dad and your newborn.

As with poses with mum these are all designed to be as relaxed as possible for your newborn. It is not uncommon for a newborn sleeps all the way through a newborn lifestyle session as they are so comfortable.

Finally they'll be a range of photos of your newborn on their own.

They'll also be a range of baby led poses of your newborn on their own. Each of these poses are designed to be as relaxed and as comfortable as possible while still producing images you'll treasure and be proud to hang on your walls. I'm also not strict on who can or can't be in the photos at the time so if your older children want to be part of it they are definitely encouraged to get involved. After all newborn lifestyle photography isn't about that perfectly posed photo. It is about showing the love and connection within a family.

So if you've reached this point and love the idea of a relaxed, baby led approach to photography then I can't wait to hear from you.