When looking for a photographer for your newborn I'm sure one of the first things that came to mind is the traditional approach. But here are five reasons to fall in love with in home newborn photography

1) It is in the comfort of your own home.

This by far is one of the main reasons why families I've worked with love this approach. There's no need to pack all your baby things, no need to stress, if you have them, about getting the older kids in the car and of course no need to commute.

You and your family can get ready in the comfort of your own home and let the photographer come to you. Where being in your own home means everyone is much more relaxed and comfortable having their photo taken.

2) Your photos will be unique and authentic to you.

A well setup newborn studio is beautiful there is no denying that. However a newborn studio is the same for everyone there is likely to be 100s if not more of newborn photos with the exact same backdrop, on the exact same bean bag and with exactly the same props too.

An in home newborn session is different because it is unique to you. Your individuality shines through in your photos as your photographed in the rooms you've decorated to make your house feel like a home.

3. Your home does not have to be spotless.

I know how exhausting having a newborn baby can be and even the tidiest of families want to prioritise that much needed sleep over cleaning. So don't worry all I'll ask you to do is declutter a few areas of the master bedroom, living area and the nursery. Though often these sessions are contained to just one room. I'm always looking for areas with beautiful light so if I spot any I'll help you tidy in there if we need to.

4. In home newborn photography is casual and you can dress that way.

One thing I often get asked by mums before their newborn photo shoot is what to wear. I always encourage them to keep it simple, casual and of course comfortable. It's already uncomfortable enough having a baby so now is your time to relax as much as you can.

5. No awkward family or baby poses.

An in home newborn session is baby led, this means no baskets, flower pots, bean bags or awkward and uncomfortable poses for your newborn. There is a reason why a traditional newborn session can take a few hours it is because your baby needs to be overfed and forced to sleep. You can relax knowing that your family won't be forced to smile or any awkward posing. Instead I'll photograph you snuggling your baby showing a real love and connection which is only seen with in home newborn photos. This also means we can capture image you'll love and cherish up to 8 weeks old well past the traditional newborn window of 2 weeks.

Most of the time, we are talking about your new baby, newborn life, and how you're all getting on. Think of me as your friend coming for a visit to see your newest addition to the family especially as most in home newborn sessions only last just over an hour.

So if you've reached this point and love the idea of approach to in home newborn photography then I can't wait to hear from you.