Hey, I'm Luke

I'm a lifestyle portrait photographer specialising in family and newborn photography. I'm based in Staffordshire and cover the surrounding areas. 

Why do I focus solely on newborn and family photography?

It's simple, there are numerous reasons but a couple are I love knowing that as families grow older they'll always have something to look back on.

Whether this be mum and dad wanting those adorable photos of their children they will forever love and cherish. Or the children themselves having something to help remember those carefree days of childhood.

As a child who was painfully shy, I had a stutter (thanks to my dyspraxia) until I started senior school. I had difficulty pronouncing the letter L so you can all imagine the joys I had trying to say my name!

So I can emphasise and relate with your kids who might not want their photo taken or are too shy to smile for the camera.

So all this is incorporated into my relaxed approach to photography. I aim to make these photo sessions fun so not only will you have amazing photos you'll have great memories from the photo session too. So significantly less stress for you and your family. 

Family is also really important to me as the oldest grandchild I was often tasked with entertaining my younger cousins and now I'm playing the favourite uncle to my adorable two year old niece. Suffice to say I've always been good with kids. As well as the lifestyle family and children's photography I specialise in I can also be found helping my younger sister photograph her amazing textile pieces.  

If you like the sound of this then I'd love to hear from you and let's get this photo session booked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the full session fee required upon booking?

No, a 30% non refundable booking fee is required upon booking. A week before your session takes place an additional 50% of the total value is required. The final 20% is required before your photo reveal.

Initial Non-refundable booking fee 30% of balance £42

Before photo session 50% of balance £70

Final payment before photo reveal 20% of balance £28

What kind of Photographer are you

My work has been described as natural and full of emotion. Highlighting the joy, genuine love and connection between families. All the sessions are done on location. I'm an available light photographer who primarily uses natural light but I've no problem in using artificial light where needed.

How long do I need to wait for my images

Your photos will be ready to view in around 2 weeks. Where we'll arrange a photo viewing session so you'll be able to sit back and watch a slideshow of your images and relive all those emotions again. The average quantity of photos delivered being around 60-80, lower for the 30 minute children's portraits, these will be edited in colour and black and white they will be then be uploaded onto an exclusive client area viewable by only those with the password .

You'll then be able to choose the images which I shall then order for you and have them sent directly to you. There will also be a range of wall art, prints and should you choose digital downloads.

Please note any printed purchase made will also include a digital copy suitable for use on Facebook or other social media.