So you're booked for a photography session. Brilliant I can't wait to meet you and your family and create some amazing images. Below is a few tips to help you prepare for your session

What to expect during a lifestyle family session

Lifestyle photography means to pose but look natural, so don't believe those lifestyle photographers who say they never pose their clients. I would strongly advise you to consider the photo session taking place at golden hour. Failing that in the morning or late afternoon. We want to avoid the high noon sun.

Throughout the session there will be a range of natural looking poses and just generally having fun. I've always found those photos of families all looking straight at the camera posed in a line tediously boring, don't worry though we'll still get photos like that.

So we're going to forget that. I'll help you pose in a natural relaxed way. Where you'll be asked to look and interact with each other. Don't worry this is always a bit awkward at first but that soon passes.

We'll also run around, play games and make each other laugh. All the time I'll be capturing you and your family enjoying themselves. If you all go away having enjoyed yourselves and thinking that wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be I've done my job right.

What to wear

It is important to wear clothes that reflect your family. We're after natural looking photos below are a couple of guidelines to help you choose your wardrobe.

1) Most importantly of all be yourself, as lifestyle photographer I want to capture authentic moments and a part of that is dressing as you would normally. Yes dress up if you like but do so in a way that is comfortable and relaxed and if for example your daughter hates wearing dresses don't force it on her, we want happy people in these sessions.

2) Coordinate clothing, don't match, we're trying to capture you as a family and not looking like you are all in a boyband wearing matching outfits! To help with this think about colours that complement each other rather than you all matching. 

3) Please stay away from clothing that is fluorescent and graphics too. I know your son's favourite top might be fluorescent orange and covered in logos but due to this thing called colour cast he'll end up with a bright orange face, a look I'm sure you want to avoid. Graphics can also date an image so think simple with patterns or plain clothing.

4) Good fitting clothing is vital, I want everyone to be comfortable and not worry about clothing being too restricted or worried you'll trip because the clothing is too baggy.

5) Mums are the building blocks of families so this is your chance to shine, pick an outfit you love and coordinate your family around you.

6) Dress in layers, layers add interest and can always be removed or added to where needed, think hats, gloves, scarfs, coats etc. 

7) Don't forget the accessories, a nice outfit can be ruined by a scruffy pair of shoes this is also your chance to add another personal touch through the jewellery etc you choose. 

8) Make a Pinterest board or inspiration board with outfit ideas. It will help you get a feel for colours and patterns you love as well as trends you like.

9) If you're really stuck, feel free to send me a message and I'll do my best to help you pick the right clothes