Is it because I tried to schedule an outdoor family photo session?

Probably not, but one of the things I get asked about a lot is what should happen if the weather isn't on our side. Which been in the UK and especially around Staffordshire it isn't always certain how good the weather will actually be.

If I could I'd ensure that every family I worked with had the perfect weather for their photo session. So any of the beautiful locations I use in Staffordshire we could always ensure that it wouldn't be raining and we'd have this gorgeous golden light.

Fortunately you don't need stress about the weather

As the weather is so unpredictable in Staffordshire it doesn't really make sense to stress about what sort of weather you'll get. Indeed it goes against my whole approach to photography which is to make these sessions as stress free and relaxed as possible. So we don't need the perfect weather to get family photos you'll love and cherish.

Here's a little secret.

What matters the most in getting family photos you'll cherish is showing the love and connection between you and your family. All the photos in this blog were taken during overcast days. The next photo you see was taken in December it had been raining that morning. In fact it was still raining lightly at the time. But that didn't matter the only slight worry was avoiding slipping over in the mud while the girls were playing! Fortunately everyone managed to stay upright.

It's more likely to be overcast

Whilst the perfect weather would be well, perfect. The majority of the sessions I've done especially in the autumn have been overcast. Which hasn't been a problem at all in fact having a cloudy sky can often be much more interesting than just a bright blue sky. I'm skilled with photographing all sorts of skies so the best we can do is embrace the weather we get. Besides you'll often be having too much fun to worry about the weather.

When would we reschedule an outdoor family photo session?

As your family photographer I'll do my absolute best to get you the best weather for the session that my schedule permits. But during autumn there isn't a whole lot of flexibility. So it's very unlikely I'll be able reschedule for the following.

  • Cold weather. (If it's cold I would recommend you and your family to dress in layers and don't forget to bring your gloves and scarves!)
  • Hot weather. (When the weather is hot the session will still go ahead it will just be modified slightly so a bit less running and jumping about but still getting all the family photos you'll love.)
  • Wind. (If we tried to schedule a family session when there's no wind it would never be able to happen.)
  • Overcast skies. (Again this something which is very common. I've lost count the number of sessions I've had where it looks perfect and then the clouds appear and hide the sun.)
  • Wet ground from an earlier rainstorm (Ending a session with jumping in puddles is definitely fun)

Now let's talk about why I would reschedule a session.

  • Rain at the time of your session a light drizzle of rain we can get away with or depending upon the location head in under tree cover.
  • Lots of rain at the time of your session, basically if we need an umbrella we'll reschedule.
  • Torrential rain during your session. If rain like this is scheduled then I'm definitely suggesting we pick another day!

In conclusion when do we reschedule a family photo session? When it's raining!

Going into the Autumn and indeed living in the UK means that when booking an outdoor session we need to embrace the weather we get. Outdoor sessions are unpredictable, beautiful and definitely far more interesting than a studio. Why go to the studio and stand in front of a forest backdrop when we've got the real thing in Cannock Chase! When we will reschedule is only if it is raining at the time of your session. I will always try and avoid scheduling a photo session near yours so that if we need to move a session we can do and in the run up to your session I'll keep a careful eye on the weather to reschedule as needed.

So let's stop worrying about the weather and get this lifestyle family session booked.