So you're booked for a photography session. Brilliant I can't wait to meet you and your family and create some amazing images. Below is a few tips to help you prepare for your session

What to expect during a lifestyle newborn session

Lifestyle photography means to pose but look natural, so don't believe those lifestyle photographers who say they never pose their clients. I would strongly advise you to consider the photo session taking place in the late morning where the sun is not too high. This will mean we should get some gorgeous window light coming through.

Throughout the session there will be a range of natural looking poses all done safely to emphasise the love and connection between you all as a family. There will also be a range of baby safe poses of your newborn. I don't use props or anything like that and I refuse to put babies in unsafe positions, even if the photo would look 'cute' these sessions are always baby led.

So we're going to forget that. I'll help you pose in a natural relaxed way. Where you'll be asked to look and interact with each other. Don't worry this is always a bit awkward at first but that soon passes.

Toddler holding newborn sister sitting on bed
Toddler lying next to newborn sister
Mum holding newborn in arms by window and kissing forehead
Family sitting comfortably on bed gazing at newborn

Day of the Session.

 When I arrive at your home I’ll walk around your home to scout out the best lit areas for family and sibling photos. What we’re looking for is good window light ideally near the master bed but if it comes to it I can also use artificial light and make it look natural. I often use the couch, master bedroom and the nursery for photos where there is room for the family and your baby to lie safely on a comfortable surface such as a bed.


Please don’t feel the need to clean the area beforehand I know just how tiring having a newborn can be. If we need to we can always quickly tidy up before the session starts.


Your Baby.

Your baby is perfect as they already are. I don’t try and make babies sleep or place them in unnatural poses. (babies aren’t props after all!). I suggest you have your newborn in a simple plain onesie that is formfitting with no graphics or words. Should you want I’ll also likely take it off for some nude or near nude newborn photos.


Please also gather a few favourite, ideally plain, swaddle blankets for your baby to be wrapped in. I recommend feeding the baby as much as he or she wants about 15 minutes prior to my arrival. But please don’t overfeed. Newborn sessions can take some time, that’s fine we want to do this safely and get these gorgeous natural photos.


I don’t do any major posing or have any expectation on how the baby should behave (alert of asleep). We let the baby guide the session. What is important is that we capture this beautiful time in your life.



I usually try and get through the sibling and family photos right at the start of the session because I know from my outdoor work children would much prefer to be playing than having their photos taken so I’ll try not to keep them for long.


I have no major expectation, my whole approach to photography is to make it as relaxed as possible. So I’ll never ask siblings to do something they aren’t comfortable doing.


It’s best to prepare the sibling(s) for the session by telling him or her that a friend is coming to visit and take some photos of your family. It is always best not to surprise them.


Mum and Dad.

I know you’re going to be thrilled and definitely exhausted. You’ll likely be experience the highest highs and perhaps some of the lowest lows. Having a new baby is hard and wonderful at the same time. My job is not to make you all look perfect but to show you just how beautiful you all are. I want you to be relaxed and at ease while I’m photographing your family. You don’t need to be anything but yourself.



I recommend neutral colours and to wear something comfortable. Try to build the outfits around what mum is wearing so you’ll be looking to coordinate rather than be completely matching. We want you to look like a family and not some 90s boyband.


If you have any more questions just let me know and I look forward to seeing you all soon.