Lifestyle photography is a mix of traditional and documentary photography

It fits nicely between the standard traditional photography and documentary photography. Traditional photography is the sort I'm sure we're all familiar with where it's very posed, lighting is even and most importantly of all everyone is looking at the camera well nearly everyone! During each session we will take a couple of these photos too so you've got something to give grandparents etc. 

While documentary photography is where nothing is orchestrated. Often the photographer will visit a family home or go to a location with them for 5 or 6 hours and document their day for them.

Lifestyle photography is all about the emotions

Lifestyle photography goes beyond a traditional portrait by bringing out a deep emotion. There is still plenty of posed photos but the difference is the guided interaction rather than just being told to smile. Lifestyle photography documents a controlled moment.

Think about it like a film scene, the director sets the scene, poses and then directs. The actor then brings their talent to the scene and this is where the magic happens. My goal is to make you feel the emotions in the photo to go past just smiling at the camera. I genuinely can't wait to shoot as I'm looking forward to the magic we're going to create.

Lifestyle photography is about real life energy

Lifestyle photography captures the dynamic energy of your family. My goal during a photo shoot is to create an experience for your family. That you finish the photo shoot having enjoyed yourselves and really bonded as a family.

As a bonus for parents it also means your children are often worn out from all the running about!

Like the sound of this?