Your Pixieset gallery makes viewing photos from your photo session easy and straightforward on your computer, laptop and mobile phone. I recommend purchasing your prints and wall art from Pixieset as you will get the best quality that is true in colour and will last the longest up to a 100 years when stored right. I don't recommend ordering from other photo printing site such as Photobox or Snapfish or from supermarkets etc as the prints will be at a reduced quality and may not have the same colour profile.

Accessing your gallery

  1. Click on the link to your gallery found in the email I sent you.
  2. Take note of your collection password as you'll need it next.
  3. Once you click on the link to your photos you'll be directed to a landing page at this point enter the collection password.
lifestyle family photographer newborn photography login page for gallery

How to order prints from your gallery

Printing your images anywhere else will risk a change in colour tones and reduce the quality and lifespan of the image. This why printing your image professionally is so important.

  1. Find the image or images that you would like to order a print of.
  2. Select the 'Basket' icon while hovering over the image. When you click the image, you will see the cart icon above the image.
  3. Next select the size and type of print you desire
  4. If choosing a photo book upgrade you can also select that here in the print store and then checkout as normal.
  5. If using your coupon code choose the rest of the images you wish to either be a wall art or a print
  6. After this continue shopping or checkout
  7. If you would prefer instalment plans are available. Just let me know by email if this what you prefer.
lifestyle family photographer photography newborn cart image
lifestyle newborn family photographer photography print size options
lifestyle newborn family photographer photography wall art types
lifestyle newborn family photographer photography wall art options


  1. Once you have added all the photos to your click on the 'Basket' icon at the top of the page.
  2. Will be taking to a cropping page all the print and wall art sizes are set so you won't need to crop here
  3. Click checkout you'll then be taken to the checkout page
  4. Here you'll be able to use your coupon code and your code for free shipping if applicable. Your coupon code and your gift card can be found in the email sent to you.
lifestyle family photographer photography newborn checkout page

That should be everything if you have any further questions please feel free to email me.